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Travel-related Web-based Software

this software company created an application to encourage sales on large travel sites. They used jdgimzek design to create a more user friendly design of their raw software product before they released it.

we also designed their logo and corporate id, in addition to cleaning up their investor and client powerpoint presentations.

we just did their website also - we are quite pleased with the logo and look and feel, but they are still small and i cant mention their name in anything that could show up in thier google hits. you can guess the URL.

web-based application design

   this company contacted jdgimzek design to take a functional but raw piece of software and create a branded interface and user-friendly information architecture before they went live to their clients and partners.

corporate identity

This company came to us with a windowspaint version of their logo, and we whipped it into competitive shape.

The recycling graphic signifies part of the way both their software and business models work to "hook" customers repeatedly.

corporate identity

design for their business cards - perhaps the front line of branding for a small company.

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